WinRock Upgrade Policy

B&P Software is always trying to improve the program. As such, there will be minor updates from time to time. Beginning with Version 4 (projected release June 2001), these updates will be easily accomplished by downloading from the website. Major updates will be full major version upgrades and may involve extra cost.

Updates within a major version will be free of charge.

Upgrades from one version to the next consecutive version will be at 1/2 the price of the newer version. Customers who have purchased the preceeding version within 180 days of the newest version's release date, will be allowed to upgrade for only the difference in price between the previous version and the newest version.

Upgrading from a prior version that skips a subsequent version to upgrade to the newest version will cost the full price of the newest version.

For example, if you have version 2 and you would like to upgrade to version 4, the price will be the full price of version 4. If you have version 3 and have purchased it 1 year ago, the price of upgrading to version 4 will be 1/2 of the full price of version 4. If you bought version 3 five months prior to the release of version 4, you will only be charged the difference in price between version 4 and version 3. Please contact us if you have any questions.

This policy is subject to change by B&P Software at any time. Please refer to this site for current explanation.

B&P Software, Feb. 6, 2001.
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